The One Time The World Saved Itself

Did you know there is only one time where every country in the world agreed on something only one time in the 1980s scientists discovered a hole in the ozone layer. This hole was created by a gas called cfc if this continued the gas would have completely destroyed the ozone layer. So 200 countries… Continue reading The One Time The World Saved Itself

Person Makes His Magic Sugar

In Israel, I found a scientist that makes the sweetest sugar in the world hinas Delhi we are duma professor Avraham loved sugar but just like you and me he ate too much sugar and he had to cut down but the sugar alternatives just were not that good. so he made normal sugar healthier… Continue reading Person Makes His Magic Sugar

Made Paper From Poop

In sri lanka i found a crazy guy who made paper from elephant poop her name is tusita trusita wants to save trees from being cut down every year 15 billion trees get cut down and their fiber is used to make paper. So he decided to make a replacement for tree fiber he saw… Continue reading Made Paper From Poop

The World’s Cleanest Honey

Hi guys this is the cleanest honey in the world it looks like honey it smells like honey and it tastes like honey but this one does not come from a bee it comes from the lab . we are see everybody loves honey but we are running out of it there are twenty thousand… Continue reading The World’s Cleanest Honey

World’s Biggest Lego House

This guy built the craziest house it’s not made of glass or wood or even stones this house is the first real-life lego house in the world it’s made of huge lego blocks that look like these and it can be put together in just a week within the next 50 years you’ll be living… Continue reading World’s Biggest Lego House