What is Woocommerce?

What is Woocommerce?

Welcome to WooCommerce, a simple, powerful, and extendable ecommerce platform for WordPress. If you need absolute control over your shop, starting with what you sell and how your shop looks. All the way through to advanced features & scalability, look no further.

No matter what you’re selling or how much you’re selling the possibilities are infinite and endless. Let’s imagine you’ve just started screen printing t-shirts. With your first collection ready for printing you want to sell these great designs online. No matter the variations they come in WooCommerce can handle it. Setup the sizes and colors once and you can add new shirts as quickly as they come off of the press. How about your band’s new album? Are you wanting to sell downloads of your album altogether or each song individually? Or for the die hard fans you could even sell your album on vinyl. All of the above can be accomplished with WooCommerce out of the box.

If you’ve also been meaning to get an affiliate business off the ground. You’ve hit the trifecta with WooCommerce as you can resell other’s products on your own site too. While selling your products can be fun, we’ve also got you covered in all the other aspects of ecommerce. WooCommerce will grow with you as you add more products, earn more customers, and receive more orders. You can even let your customers pay however they’d like. Offer check, cash on delivery, credit cards via PayPal, and more with a vast collection of other gateway integrations available.

WooCommerce can calculate shipping costs and tax rules automatically for your customers too. Offer free shipping, flat rates, local pickup and more out of the box. Add in our extensions and you can have shipping rules based on weight and quantity, or offer FedEx, or UPS.

There are integrations for every country and even extensions for order fulfillment. If you are worried about tracking your products stock, inventory tracking is built right in. WooCommerce will let you know when it’s time to restock. There are also sleek looking reports available that give you insight into your shop’s heart beat. This all is also quickly accessed on the go from our mobile app. With a glance you can stay on top of your business’ day to day happenings. Are you catching our point yet here? You can sell anything and sell it beautifully with WooCommerce. No matter the size of your shop or budget. It’s open source and freely available. Own your store and be ready to sell right away with WooCommerce today.